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"Real Talk" reviews

michell pulliam

- women's mindset coach

life coaching for women

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about "Real Talk." 

"Clear and frank advice for a good marriage delivered through short & simple tips. Michell gets to the point in each tip delivering valuable insight in a delightful manner. I'm currently not married - in a relationship. This book gave me insight on what to consider as I move forward in my relationship . . ."

Phenomenal Communications, LLC

"Motivation for Transformation

"I love the conversational and down-to-earth tone of this book! Real Talk is just that. Michell covers so many topics and areas of marriage in a quick and easy to read format. This is one of those books you could pick up and read chapters on their own to get additional motivation and insight on a particular subject. As someone who is coming up on her 10 year anniversary, I was able to pull pearls of wisdom and, yes, even had some "ouch" moments while reading . . ."

MDG Enterprises

". . . Michell Pulliam gets to the very heart of what makes a marriage successful. Each of her 25 tips are presented in a forthright and engaging style that tugs at the heart of the reader to make the marriage journey last and be joyful. Most important, she laces each tip with common sense, realism, Bible-based wisdom, and genuine caring for those who are committed to making their marriages work. Kudos to you, Michell, on your first formal venture into the publishing world. . ."

ALISON HECTOR, Former Senior Editor, Health Coach

Organization of American States

". . . a must read for male, female, married or single. In just 25 easy to read nuggets, the author was able to capture the nuts and bolts of what's needed to have and maintain a strong relationship.

After 11 years of marriage, I felt that many of the tips, for me, were encouraging reminders, which I loved. However, there were a few that I had to pause and ponder, because it challenged me by giving me a different perspective, which I also loved!

Michell uses real talk with a little bit of humor and biblical references to touch on everything from communication, forgiveness, the bedroom and even divorce. . ."


Hope Chiropractic

". . . valuable pearls of wisdom about marriage and relationships that all young (and not so young) women could find very useful. It's a short read, yet packed with wisdom. I feel grateful for women like Michell who share in a "real way" without sugar coating, advice on how to achieve strong and long marriages . . ."


". . . always excited about material that promotes marriage! What I absolutely love about Michell's book is that it is short, concise, to the point and out and out practical. One cannot read this book and go away without some great tools. Its a book you can read anytime in a relationship from before the wedding bells, right through to the end zone where sometimes the "working at it" can be tough . . ."
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A book about personal growth to improve your relationships

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